Bill Ross

Business Advisor

San Mateo SBDC

About Me:

Bill works primarily with eCommerce business owners throughout America. He founded an eCommerce company and scaled it from an idea to a profitable multi-million dollar a year business, which he ran for nearly 18 years. In operations and marketing roles, Bill also worked for three public companies, including Amazon and several smaller businesses.

During his time founding and scaling an eCommerce business, Bill learned there was not a lot of support for the particular challenges involved in running an eCommerce company. Most eCommerce consulting firms focus on large-scale operations, and not many business coaches are deeply experienced in eCommerce.

Today, he focuses on supporting eCommerce business owners currently operating companies under $10 million in revenues or who someday aspire to be. Having been through it himself, he can help you manage growth and avoid the pitfalls involved in eCommerce.

Bill also works with clients in many other industries and various stages of business growth.

Expertise: Business Launch eCommerce