The NorCal SBDC in partnership with the NorCal FDC welcomes Black entrepreneurs and business owners to a challenge we call the Inclusivity Project. We’re going to help connect Black entrepreneurs and Black-owned small businesses with the capital and mentorship they need to start and grow their business and bring about the meaningful economic impact to NorCal’s Black and African American marketplace and surrounding communities.

An Introduction to the Inclusivity ProjectSM


We’re planning to invest our time, talent, and resources into each business that participates in this project. Our charge and challenge are to connect over one hundred million dollars into black-owned businesses to help them go the distance, creating jobs, services, and opportunities within their neighborhoods — all adding up to meaningful community impact.

We’re calling this charge the 22nd Century Black Capitalism Movement — and entrepreneurs like yourself are invited to help create movement momentum.

Let’s Make it Happen

Success takes more than passion. It takes real knowledge and a support system that can adapt with you. We’ll meet you wherever you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey and help give you the mentorship and the access to tools you need to realize your business potential.

Take the Challenge