Vanita Lee-Tatum

Business Advisor

San Mateo SBDC

About Me:

Vanita Lee-Tatum is a world-class business developer and strategy consultant. Dedicated to helping organizations and individuals grow their business potential, Vanita uses her strong leadership skills, extensive financial services expertise, and her business prowess to empower entrepreneurs.

Drawing on her own journey to becoming an entrepreneur and her financial expertise honed as VP of Banking, Vanita inspires and ignites business owners to create financial growth by teaching them the business development dexterity needed to succeed. Through consulting, her clients develop the skills to build community, execute strategies, develop rewarding relationships and take their businesses to new heights. Her efforts have already helped top financial institutions and multinational entrepreneurs achieve sustainable growth.

Voted one of the Top 30 Bay Area Women to Watch in 2022 and a strong advocate for empowering women of color, Vanita is a driving force in helping others to overcome their fear of flowering by empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to flourish. Combining her skills and insight as a business developer and entrepreneurship educator with her passion and flair as a visual artist, Vanita proudly lives at the intersection of business, fashion, and art. Dedicated to making an impact by sharing her knowledge and expertise to encourage business owners and entrepreneurs of all types, Vanita is a positive force of nature with whom clients and partners enjoy collaborating.

Expertise: Access to Capital Business Launch Business Planning Marketing Social Media