Cecy Vette

Business Advisor

San Mateo SBDC

About Me:

Cecy is a life-long learner, business and education junkie, worship leader, coffee lover, luxury car enthusiast, and business owner who is passionate about helping people through finance. She loves spending time with her children, friends, and family whenever possible. Her motto is that life is about relationships, not accomplishments, and that All we truly have are Time and Choices; she seeks to be wise with both. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business with a concentration in Communications and has been in the lending industry since 2007, wearing various hats throughout as she built her knowledge and expertise in the world of finance. She is now self-contracted as a Loan Administrator, able to work with various lenders in the mortgage industry, and has also built a luxury car rental business, as she shares her love and passion for luxury cars with others. Cecy seeks to serve her entrepreneurial community with her area of expertise.

Expertise: Finance