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Simone Nguyen

Background: Amour Amour is a brand new wine bar tapas restaurant that has opened in the heart of downtown San Mateo. Owner Simone Nguyen was previously an aesthetician, owning a massage studio in the same location that Amour Amour currently occupies. Simone has had a wonderful long history in the service industry and has a warm shining personality, which has helped her build up a client base that wants her to succeed in her new venture.

Simone shifted from massage to food because she wanted to bring her love of service and food to the people of San Mateo. She has a wonderful Mediterranean aesthetic which she’s used to decorate her restaurant. Her dream is to bring good food and good people together in a European environment.

Challenges: Having never worked in the food service industry, Simone’s challenges revolved around personnel management and running a restaurant. However, she is a quick learner and has applied a lot of what she knows from her massage and facial company to the restaurant. Simone came to the San Mateo SBDC in need of assistance in becoming compliant with state, local and federal employment laws. 

Actions Taken: The San Mateo SBDC worked to get Nguyen in touch with the Restaurant Association and the State Employment Board in order to make sure she has the necessary posters and documentation in place. The SBDC also helped Simone develop a better understanding of how to schedule and manage people by having her attend a mini-personnel management course with SBDC consultants.

Results: Since attending the SBDC’s personnel management course, Nguyen has saved about $3,000/month in personnel expenses. The SBDC also worked with Simone to make sure that she is compliant with all the local, state and federal laws in order to avoid any future problems. The biggest success however, was the Amour Amour’s grand opening in downtown San Mateo, where Simone and her six part time employee’s unveiled San Mateo’s new wine bar and tapas restaurant.

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